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Healthcare is undergoing a rapid transformation worldwide

  • The landscape is shifting with new provider organizations delivering care, opportunities for individual providers to offer alternative and expanded means of providing services and patients becoming informed customers. 

  • Established health systems and private practices are under pressures to expand, develop alliances, merge and acquire while adapting to changing payment systems and the need to control costs.

  • A growing array of innovative technologies, players and processes are available but the landscape is littered with failed approaches and storage areas cluttered with unused technology.

Healthcare providers, technology companies and systems are exploring how to best use technology to meet needs and exploit opportunities.  Such innovation can be disruptive but it can also be used to accelerate growth and meet the growing demands for quality outcomes and reduced costs.  What is needed is a genuine perspective of what is working and what is not and a keen sense of where we are heading.

That is the purpose of Linkous Health -  to provide such perspective and guidance to steer you in the right direction and avoid the pitfalls that have befallen so many others.